Aseptic Banana Puree

Banana Puree derived from Cavendish bananas, subjected to extraction and pasteurization converted to fruit puree

Frozen Banana Puree (IQF)

This version of puree is subjected to blast freezing and is NOT passed through pasteurization. This is as fresh as food processing it yourself at home. 

Frozen Banana Saba Fries (IQF)

Using Saba Bananas, WEAMBARD has created yet another innovative product. Instead of using potatoes, this healthier alternative will be a party in your tastebuds! 

Frozen Banana Saba Whole (IQF)

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Banana products 

There are various products coming from bananas: banana puree, frozen banana puree (IQF), frozen banana fries (IQF), frozen banana slices (IQF). Banana  is  one  of  the  best  known  fruits throughout  the  world. The variety grown in the Philippines for the export market is the "Cavendish”. This cylindrical fruit have tough outer peels which turn yellow upon ripening. The edible portion is creamy white in color. When fully ripened, the fruit contains as much as 22 % carbohydrates, mainly sugar. It is high in ash and a good source of several vitamins.  


The banana plant is a large perennial herb with leaf sheaths that form trunk-like pseudo-stems. The plant has 8 - 12 leaves that are up to 9 ft long and 2 ft wide. Root development may be extensive in loose soil in some cases up to 30 ft laterally. Other plant descriptions vary, it depends on the variety.