Blast Freezing/Cold storage (IQF)


The Blast Freezing mechanism of WEAMBARD is state of the art. 

Products such as: frozen mango, frozen banana, frozen ube, frozen coconut, and any other frozen fruits can be availed in the facility. 

There is also a blast freezing or cold storage facility available for fruits in the vicinity. 

Temperature gauge

Cold storage maintenance

Mixing Steel Jacketed Heated Kettle

Assembly Line

Cold Water Cooling

Hot fill Bottling Facility 

With a speed of 2 bottles every 4 seconds, this facility can make 1800 bottles per hour. 

The multiline machine can fill from RTM - Ready to mix up to coconut jam/oil, the diversity of the products that can be processed in this facility is endless. 

These services are also available through WEAMBARD. 

WEAMBARD services can be summarized in the following: puree production, blast freezing (IQF) technology, bottling, and toll manufacturing of food products. 


Fruit Puree Production


Fruit puree production is the primary business of WEAMBARD. The cycle is as follows:

Step 1: Farm Harvest

This is very important because WEAMBARD first ensures the best sources of raw material fruits to be fresh, and safe. Quality starts at the farm, and we make sure this is top notch. 

Step 2: Sorting

As soon as the source is already approved and tested, fruits are sent to the plant which is then sorted in volume. All severely blemished fruits are counted as rejects with a very stringent QA - Quality Assurance and QC - Quality Control practices to make sure the products are safe.

Step 3: Washing

This is the start of "Zero Human Intervention" in the process. From this point on, there is no more human interaction with the process which in turn, makes sure that there wont be any contamination issues. 

Step 4: Fruit Extraction

It is exactly what it sounds like. The puree is extracted from the fruit through the machine

Step 5: Pasteurization

This step is where the puree is passed through high heat to be able to kill all possible microorganisms in the fruit.

Step 6: Filling

It is then filled in either aseptic bags, or barrels

Step 7: Finished Product

Finished product is now done and incubation periods vary per fruit. 

Step 8: Delivery

It is then delivered to the country it is ordered from

Cold Storage Facility